Through my work and education, I have spent over a decade working with audio and music professionally. For the past 6 years, I have been heavily focused on audio development for video games. I’ve worked as an in-house Sound Designer and Audio Implementor for two of Vancouver's independent console game developers Next Level Games and United Front Games, and in 2013, I entered the space of mobile and casual game development when I began working for Disney Interactive. I have substantial experience in every area of game sound design, through every stage of development. I have also worked in a variety of production and post production sound roles on a sizable list of Film, TV, commercial, web and music production projects.

As a sound designer, I aim to drive and enhance narrative while creating the most immersive entertainment experience possible. I am always looking for ways to push the envelope of creativity and technical possibility in game audio.

Work aside, I enjoy camping, hiking, video games, films and documentaries, traveling, animals, learning to program,  comedy, entrepreneurial endeavors, and coffee.   

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